From the tree to the consumer, the shortest way it is Fruit Box

In a context of consumption of fresh products where the trend is centred on the quality of products, we bring real answers to guarantee their freshness and their flavor.

Our main objectives are:
Give to a maximum of people the opportunity to consume fruits and vegetables every moment of the day according to their desires.
To have portions freshness PERLE DU SUD in small dishes and in “Perles” in perfect adequacy with the expectations of the distributors. It is for them the insurance to propose quality products protected in terms of hygiene, manipulation, logistics and unknown mark-down.
Adapt the various sizes of our packagings by respecting the new trends in consumption ” snacking “, the takeaway, ” in case “, the appetite suppressants, the snacks connected to the new eating habits. These packagings offer to the consumers an access easier to the recommendations of the P.N.N.S. (A day, 5 fruits and vegetables at least).

Fruit Box automaton

automate Automate Fruit Box
Size in cm :
Height 183
Width 80
Depth 94
Weight 325kg

Connection :
Electrique 220/240V/10A/50 hz
Puissance maxi : 0,83kw
Groupe de froid : R 134 A sans CFC

Capacity: 7 trays, every tray is divided into 4/5 ranks, every rank can receive 10/12 servings, the capacity of the machine is 300/350 servings.
Lighting of products on facade by leds.
System of payment adapted to every met situation, entered by parts, reader of credit card, reader of banknotes.
– After the selection of the product from the keypad, an elevator is going to get back delicately every serving, this serving is forwarded to the trapdoor of recycling, situated at good height, and not in the low part.
– The electronics of the machine allows to practise a sale price by selection, and to have a complete audit.
– The supply of the device is simple and fast.
– The cold group is guaranteed 2 years with a SAV(AFTER-SALES SERVICE) and on-site intervention